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Financial Solutions to achieve your goals

At New Step Finance our mission is to help you achieve your goals with our tailor made financial solutions for your requirements whether it is business or personal.  We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and that everyone has a different objective in life.

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About Us

At New Step Finance, we're dedicated to crafting personalized financial solutions to empower your business and personal aspirations.

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A personal loan lets you borrow money to pay for something special, like a holiday, car or home renovations.



We solve the problems of stressful and challenging task of getting
home loans.



With commercial loans commercial property will be uses as the security for the amount being borrowed.



Choosing the right asset and equipment finance can give you further benefits than just preserving your day-to-day funds

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Thakshila Weliange
Thakshila Weliange
We went to Milinda of New Step finance through a recommendation of another well satisfied client of his and we are very happy that we went to him. The process with him was super easy. We have had the chance of doing all documentation electronically and the loan process was super quick. Milinda was very attentive to our matter and has been responsive to all parties dealing with our loan. We highly recommend Milinda to any one looking for a responsive and easy to work with mortgage advisor.
asanka gayashan
asanka gayashan
Milinda has given us a big support to buy our first home. He advised us how to increase our income capacity to get maximum loan amount and buy a really nice house. Loan approval time was really less which is not even 3 business days. I highly recommend him.
Rue -2R
Rue -2R
I recently had the pleasure of working with Milinda from New step Finance and cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding service he provided in securing my home loan. From the moment I first reached out to him, his dedication and expertise were evident, and he consistently went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful mortgage approval process. Milinda took personal responsibility for my case from the outset, displaying an unparalleled commitment to helping me navigate the complex world of home financing. What sets him apart is his genuine concern for his clients' well-being and financial success. He took the time to thoroughly understand my unique situation, patiently addressing all my questions and concerns while providing invaluable insights into the mortgage process. One of the standout qualities of Milinda was his unwavering involvement throughout the entire process. Unlike other brokers who may hand off your file to an assistant or disappear once the paperwork begins, Milinda was there every step of the way. His consistent communication and proactive approach ensured that I was well-informed at every stage, providing peace of mind and confidence in the progress of my loan application. What truly impressed me was Milinda's ability to anticipate potential challenges and swiftly address them before they became obstacles. His attention to detail and thorough understanding of the mortgage industry were evident as he navigated the complexities of my financial situation, presenting solutions with clarity and transparency. Milinda also demonstrated an impressive level of industry knowledge and negotiation skills, securing favorable terms and conditions on my behalf. His ability to leverage relationships with lenders ensured that my loan application was not only approved but also came with terms that exceeded my expectations. In addition to his professional expertise, Milinda exhibited a genuine passion for helping individuals achieve their homeownership dreams. This personal touch, combined with his exceptional work ethic, turned what could have been a stressful process into a seamless and even enjoyable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Milinda to anyone in search of a mortgage broker who not only gets the job done but does so with integrity, dedication, and a personalized touch. His commitment to his clients is truly commendable, and I am grateful for the positive impact he has had on my financial journey. Thank you, Milinda and New step Finance, for making my homeownership dreams a reality!
New step Finance supported us to buy our dream property.The only thing we did was to simply gave them a phone call.They handled the battle afterwords.We appreciate their honest opinion, advices and strategies that they used throughout the process. Thank you for your generosity Milinda. I will recommend New Step Finance for anybody !
Donna M Perera
Donna M Perera
Milinda at New Step was really helpfull and very professional with our home loan. Process was very smooth and quick. I have dealt with few morgage brokers before but could recommend Millinda as best of all.
Thoshan Tharanga
Thoshan Tharanga
Excellent Service. I recently had the pleasure of working with Milinda from New Step Finance, and I was extremely satisfied with the service. As a first home buyer I was no where in the first place and Milinda given me not only the advices related to the mortgage but also for the entire property purchase process. That helped me a lot and kept me in a comfortable place. From our very first meeting, it was evident that Milinda is a true professional in the industry and I didn't want to wait to get responses as he is giving solutions pretty quickly. Expert guidance, communication, skills and efficiency is great. I can recommend Milinda definitely in the industry of mortgage. Good luck.. !!!
Mahendra Ranaweera
Mahendra Ranaweera
Excellent service. Milinda managed get a loan approved for me in a very tight time frame by work through weekend as well. My financials were difficult to understand to other brokers, But Milinda managed to find the right loan package that fit my circumstances.
Chamali Maddumaarachchi
Chamali Maddumaarachchi
Can’t thank enough for New step Finance for their exceptional work that they have done for us.They went above and beyond with their service so that we could get the best possible outcome with our home loans.Their customer service is at top notch and would highly recommend them to anyone. Highly professional and the best in the area ..Great work New step finance and all the best in your future endeavours..
Kesara Jayasinghe
Kesara Jayasinghe
Milinda always went above and beyond to provide a great service. It was an amazing experience with New step finance Group with our housing loan process and they have been exceptionally well guiding us through the process smoothly, and they are highly professional, competent, and the best in the trade. Without hesitation, We highly recommend them and will definitely return if needed in the future! Keep up the excellent service guys!

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Why Choose Us


No Cost to You

You get the best service from us at no cost to you while we find the best deal to suit your circumstances.


We do all the groundwork

Getting a home loan involves a lot of research, paperwork and time but we do all the hard work and present you.
When should you see us and what can you expect?
You can see us at any stage in your financial journey. You might still be saving for your first home, wishing to use the equity in your current one, or wondering if you're still getting the right deal with your existing lender. You can make an obligation-free appointment with us at a time and place that suits you. We will ask about your financial circumstances and objectives to find out what's important to you in a home loan. For example, flexibility might be important because you plan to start a family or you may want ready access to equity for a rental property or renovations. Whatever your plans, we will research the market and recommend the right home loan to suit your needs. We always look for the right loan for you, not the lender.


Our Focus is ‘You’

We are industry experts and know all the best deals available in the market and we can select the best option to suit you.

Better process

We streamline the process.

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and simplicity, guiding you seamlessly towards your financial goals with ease and confidence.

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If you’re looking for a home loan, New Step Finance is here to help.


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